Ban Appeals

Keep in mind that your account is your responsibility

Below you will find the ban appeal template. You should use this to appeal a ban set by a moderator, not all bans are permanent, each ban appeal is treated on a case to case basis.

Typically we use a three strike system for minor rule breaches, first step being a verbal warning, or a PM on the forum, the second is Jail Time or a Kick from the server, and the third, being a ban from the server.

Keep in mind that your account is your responsibility, we understand that people do share their accounts with family members, friends and what not.

If a friend of yours comes on to the server and breaks a rule, you will be responsible for their actions!

  • Ensure you take your time and use correct spelling and grammar. Mods do not enjoy reading poorly written appeals, they will simply ask you to fix it.
  • Once a staff member makes a ruling, it is final and cannot be appealed for another 14 days, please do not beg or complain as it will only worsen the situation.
  • Respect all players and staff, in the server and in your forum posts. Treat mods with respect and present a fair side to the debate.
  • Lying does not help your situation, telling the truth will be more beneficial, don't try blame others for your mistakes, recount the situation as accurately as possible.

Follow the template, be polite to staff, and be honest!