Missing a medal? - if you think you're entitled to a medal then please message a staff member for assistance.

As medals are manually assigned to your profile, simply send a message via the PM system, please avoid making an individual forum post for your request

  1. Community

    Community awards and badges

    1. Staff Award

      Served as a staff member

    2. Helper Award

      Stepped up and helped out staff or a member

    3. Youtube Contributor

      Made a youtube video for the Craft AU Channel

    4. Non-Secret Sekrit Admin

      This is awarded for being CraftAU's worst-kept secret

  2. Donations

    Rewards received for donations (not rank upgrades)

    1. Cake

      Donation of $5

    2. Redstone

      Donation of $10

    3. Lapis Lazuli

      Donation of $20

    4. Gold

      Donation of $30

    5. Diamond

      Donation of $50

    6. Emerald

      Donation of $100

    7. Nether Star

      Donation of $200