Frequently Asked Questions

A list of some of the Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, yes there is lag. Yes, we're aware of it. Yes, we're working on ways to counteract it. No, complaining about it won't get it sorted quicker. You can assist though by ensuring your base isn't trying to do too many things at once. Not sure how? Ask for help. :)

  • Are there banned items? How can I see them?
  • Yes, there are banned items. They are listed at You can also search for "Banned" in NEI.

  • I can't do anything! It says I'm Guest!
  • Have you registered on the forums ( Did you make sure you registered your Minecraft name exactly as it's spelt, including capitals? If so, have you logged off and back on again? If you've tried all this and are still stuck, contact a moderator in game or email

  • I want to talk with people. Can I do that? How? Where? DETAILS!
  • We have a TeamSpeak server that we use for voice and text chat. The server address is You will generally find a staff member is online here even if they aren't online in-game (see below), however we aren't always sitting at our computer. If you need our attention, right-click on our name and "Poke" us with a message, and wait for us to get back to you. Don't spam us, as we may already be assisting other players/performing other duties.

  • All the server rules are applicable to TeamSpeak as well, however the 18+ channels are exactly that. (I.e. Don't complain if the conversation is more crass than you'd like.)

  • HALP! Someone stole/destroyed my stuffs!
  • If you've been griefed (had someone steal or destroy something) and you know who it is, ask them for your stuff back. If they don't return your items, or you don't know who it was submit a /modreq (preferably where it occurred so it's easier to look into it if you're offline) and a staff member will try to resolve it for you as soon as possible.

  • HALP! Someone's breaking dem rules!
  • If you notice someone breaking the rules, visit

  • (Please don't attempt to handle situations like this yourself beyond asking politely for them to stop or return your items. Doing so may result in you being banned. We have staff for this reason.)

  • I haz proofs of this person doing the wrong thing tho!
  • If you have screenshots or other evidence of someone doing the wrong thing, visit If it's to support a /modreq please add the text of the /modreq for ease of reference.

  • I can't seem to claim my own little slice of CraftAU heaven!
  • Check the New Player Guide for instructions on how to claim land.

  • I can haz permissions for teh friends?
  • Sure! Visit the Quick Reference Guide for details on the commands you need.

  • Are there staff members online? Anyone? Halp?
  • The easiest way to see if there are mods online in-game is to type /list and look under Admin, GlobalModerator (+Mod) or Moderator (Mod). You can also check TeamSpeak for staff who are online. (See above)

  • (Thanks to lord_megaminer and maxtrax for their assistance in compiling this FAQ.)

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