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    First name: Cameron
    Age: 19 Years
    Timezone: Australian Central (UTC+09:30) South Austrlia
    Server Join Date: Original Join was back in June 2013, but I never really started playing until early November.
    How often do you play Minecraft & what time's do you play:
    I generally play Minecraft every day. I tend to be on in the afternoons and geneally play all night long. About 1300 - 0700 is my most active period.
    Within the past month, have you been in trouble in-game(Griefing etc..)? If so, what have you done?: No
    Do you have a microphone and TeamSpeak: I have teamspeak but currently have no mic. If required I will be able to get a mic no problem.
    Please detail your computer specifications (CPU, Graphics Card, Memory):
    CPU: Intel Core i7 3610QM @ 2.3GHz ( 8 CPU )
    Graphics: Nvidia 610M 2GB
    Memory: 8GB DDR3
    Why do you want to be a moderator:
    I want to be a moderator to be more involved in a great community. I want to help make said community a better place for all by keeping rulebreakers at bay and help introduce new players to the game. As a moderator I would be in a better position to help new players start with Feed the Beast and help them stay with the community, rather than leave after a day.
    Do you have previous mod/admin experience:
    I have very minor moderator experience in a vanilla server environment.
    If yes, tell us about your experience:
    As a moderator, or helper as it was called, my task was to introduce new players into the game, help them learn the rules and find a place to live. I left the position when I grew bored of the server and vanilla minecraft in general.
    What do you do if someone breaks a rule:
    Use a punishment that is determined by the severity of rule breaking. For example, spamming could result in a mute, or for repeated offences a kick or ban, depending on severity and type of spam.
    What do you do if a friend wants an item:
    A good friend may be given some items from my storage. If I don't have the item they want I would have to tell them they can't have it from me.
    Do you understand that you could be demoted at any time:
    I understand this.
    Tell us a little bit about yourself:
    My name is Cameron, better known on the server as Cara. I live in the boring state of South Australia. I've been playing Minecraft since close to the beginning, early alpha stages, where I quickly became addicted to the game. I started playing modded minecraft mid 2012 with technic/tekkit where I realised I would never be able to play vanilla minecraft again. Shortly after Feed The Beast was released I moved on to it, as technic was becoming outdated and I wanted to play a more updated minecraft.
    Do you Agree to what is Expected of you?: I do

    Please answer these scenarios to the best of your ability:

    1) What would you do if two staff members were fighting and it was beginning to escalate out of control?
    Privately tell the staff members that they should take their argument to a private channel so that the general community don't get involved.
    2) You have a new player join the server and start saying JOIN MY SERVER!!!! MC.SERVER.NET!!! NO BANNED ITEMS!!!. What would you do?
    I would swiftly tell the player that advertising other servers is against CraftAU rules and he would be muted or kicked if he continues. If he continues I would enforce the punishment.
    3) A Player contacts you and says he has been griefing and is going off at you what steps would you take to calm him and what steps would you take after you calm'd him down?
    (I'm assuming griefing=griefed in this question)
    To calm the player down I would tell them that they don't have to panic as the player that griefed them would be banned and that I would help them get their place back in order as best I can. When the player is calm I would inspect the incident and ban the player that committed the offence.
    4) (this one there are two mod's online) A new player uses racist comments to insult another player and when you warning the new player. then starts attacking you with swear words insulting family members.( at this point your emotions are high you're frustrated, on the verge of getting angry.) what would you do?
    This is an unlikely event as I have a high tolerance for frustration and emotions, but if it did happen I would privately ask another moderator to take over so I can leave and cool off to keep a professional appearance to the community.
  2. kinda forgot about this... xD have spoken to cara in TS about this
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