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    Chunkloaders play a fundamental role in the AFK player's arsenal, loading your base while you are out digging holes or finding flowers. Good news! These don't cost Ender Pearls! In this post I'll teach you how to build it. :D It's a really complex process, so pay attention. You ready?

    The What:

    1x Iron Block
    1x Blaze Rod

    That's it. Mind blowing, right?

    So, how do we use it Jazz?

    The How:
    Place the iron block down, and right click with the blaze rod. You'll open up this GUI:


    The glass bottles up the top will allow you to select the radius of chunks to load:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Once you've clicked a glass bottle, you'll see the following message pop up in chat:


    You're now good to go! :D

    The Ugly:
    Just remember: Breaking the block will remove your chunkloader.


    Unfortunately, the only way to edit the chunkloader is to break it and replace it. Also don't forget to run the appropriate /kit to gain the chunks needed for the chunkloader.
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  2. Hi Jaz, I tried this and it says Not enough chunks Needed 1 Available 0 etc
  3. Jazz sorted me out, you need to use the kits commands
  4. Is this only a donator perk?
  5. Yes

    Also chuck loader only works when you are ingame
  6. Is this not something you can do without paying?
  7. MisterNormie

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    I don't believe so. Its a perk you receive for donating to the server.

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