Resolved [CLOSED] REPORTED: Rabid has been reported by 33Cav

Discussion in 'Archived' started by 33Cav, May 19, 2016.

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  1. 33Cav

    33Cav New Miner

    33Cav has submitted the following report:

    Reported Player: Rabid

    Reported Issue: Kicking me from TeamSpeak because I had my sound muted (in TS) and he "just had to talk to me" for what I'm told was literally completely unimportant information.[​IMG]

  2. DamageDoctor

    DamageDoctor Enlightened Staff Member Admin

    I honestly am getting sick of the petty bickering behaviour being exhibited by StarMade players. I am fairly sure that the other staff members feel the same way. I suggest that all parties take a step back, breathe and refrain from provoking each other from this point forward.

    If you don't have a nice thing to do or say then don't say or do anything.

    I am closing the complaint and would suggest that you all grow the hell up!

    /rant over

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