compain aginst jazz

Discussion in 'Archived' started by matheryn_m, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. I'm extremely angry caus I was mutecd and not allowed to speak event then I pay for top pack for the server I don't break any rules and nooone complained about me but I was stopped from speaking by jazz so if he wants me to play single player he can pay me my money back or he needs to not abusew his powerts I don't break the rules and none told me not to talk so I'm vety unhappy and I don't get mad much verrrrrrrry mad
  2. Opt1mus

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    firstly your lucky your only muted Jazzz did what we all would have done, Secondly coming in game in a family friendly environment and carrying on like a twat here whilst clearly under the influence of either alcohol or drugs is not on, good for you that you pay top dollar that doesnt mean you can carry on like this and not bear any consequences i suggest you go sleep off whatever is in your system and rethink your actions, im warning you now do not test me
  3. BigJazzz

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    Hi Matheryn

    There were a couple of complaints about you. I even messaged you after I muted you to tell you to contact me once you'd sobered up.

    I would also suggest you go read our Ts & Cs regarding donations.

    Once again, when you have sobered up, let me know and I will unmute you.

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