Resolved Complaint Against BigJazz

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Madogi, Jan 27, 2017.

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  1. Madogi

    Madogi Retired Admin

    *Your name: @Madogi

    *Reported player's name: @BigJazzz

    * Server:
    Infinite Lite
    *Date/time issue occured:
    27/01/2017 at 12:47am
    *Reported issue:
    Throught out the night we understood that the server was pregenning the world. but it got so bad and unplayable that Water wasn't flowing blocks wern't breaking tools were breaking but blocks wernt no items were being dropped so we asked for a Server Restart to resolve the issue. Then we were abused/rudly told by BigJazzz who blaintently told us "If you don't like it don't play. Come back tomorrow it should be done by then.(The players on the server at the time who were on teamspeak felt it was basicly piss off if u don't like it.) and the attitude that followed in Forum chat. was down right disrespectful towards us.

      • [​IMG] Today at 12:19 AM - Madogi:
        We need someone to Restart the Infinity Lite server
      • [​IMG] Today at 12:58 AM - Madogi:
        Can we get a Moderator to inspect the server that isnt gonna tell us to just not play and come back tomorrow
      • [​IMG] Today at 1:00 AM - matheryn_m:
        its bad when even water doesnt move at all, wouldnt take much just to throw a quick restart
      • [​IMG] Today at 1:43 AM - BigJazzz:
        Madogi! Are you serious? I told you what the problem was! The server couldn't be restarted! How many bloody times do I have to say it??? I told you to come back tomorrow because you were intent on complaining about the lag.
      • [​IMG] Today at 2:18 AM - Madogi:
        Excuse me i don't understand your attitude?? all we stated that the server is now unplayable water isn't even flowing you tell us to not play and come back tomorrow? so i don't understand where this attitde and hostility is coming from...
      • [​IMG] 53 minutes ago - BigJazzz:
        I told you repeatedly why the server was lagging. I told you repeatedly why I couldn't restart the server. Yet you kept harping on. I told you what your two options were, cause they were the only ones available to you.
      • [​IMG] 53 minutes ago - BigJazzz:
        If you don't like it, that's perfectly fine. As I've said before, and I'll say it again: You don't like what I've said? Put in a complaint.
      • [​IMG] 51 minutes ago - BigJazzz:
        But remember: I don't tell you to log off and come back tomorrow for kicks. I was trying to do everything I could to work out what the problem was. And I've already told you why we were pre-genning the rest of the world too.
      • [​IMG] 50 minutes ago - BigJazzz:
        So I've given you *plenty* of information, yet you still want to continue to whinge, whine and carry on. I don't like whiners. I don't like whingers. And I don't like people who seem to willfuly ignore what I've said again and again.
      • [​IMG] 48 minutes ago - BigJazzz:
        Consider this a warning. When you get told something, pay attention. Don't keep harping on like a broken record. If you wish to continue carrying on, feel free.

    Co-ordinates where the issue occured:
    Rule you believe has been broken:
    Rule 1.1 Zero tolerance for harassment, bullying and racism
  2. Madogi

    Madogi Retired Admin

  3. yes, i was there and was on TeamSpeak at the time, i concur to the complaint
  4. DamageDoctor

    DamageDoctor Enlightened Staff Member Admin

    It is my understanding that you were advised multiple times to stay inside the 2500 radius due to world gen. A reboot wouldn't have completely fixed the issue as world gen would have continued after the reboot.

    As the 1.10 server is brand new, we are still tweaking / balancing settings so you need to have a small amount of patience while we do this. Yelling and screaming "reboot" isn't always the answer.

    complaint closed
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  5. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 Owner Staff Member Admin

    I told them not to restart as it would cause issues with the plugin we are using to gen the world

    The only other thing I could have done was shrink the world border again to force players to stay inside the 2500 block range that was generated
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