FTB Infinity Evolved Reset Vote

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by BigJazzz, Oct 8, 2016.


Are you happy for a map reset?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Meh

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  1. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

    The 'meh' Vote is there to gauge how much of the active community is not phased by such a change. Its not a maybe it an 'I don't mind either way' and gives a more accurate picture of impact.
    As to us delaying because of the vote, as stated by forsco we are still testing a new version of the pack to ensure what bugs are fixed/present and what crashes occur. In an ideal situation we can unban some previous crash items it they are found to be fixed but it takes time to check everything.
    We already crashed the Skyblock test server 3-4 times now I believe.

    Also ARK updated so frequently resets are inevitable
  2. Any chance of opening up the test server? Let us help test it for bugs & load
  3. We may consider this an option when we iron out a lot of the bigger, well known bugs. But for the time being it isn't really a viable option as there are only a limited amount of staff with the ability to bring the server back online if it crashes.
  4. No worries. Any ETA? Itching to get back into EM! Haha. And not overly keen on SB (or stand in one chunk and factorycraft).
  5. There is currently no ETA as we are still going through testing. Unfortunately it will happen in due time but we need to make sure everything is right first.
  6. any time frame on when the server restart will be happening
  7. MisterNormie

    MisterNormie New Miner Spam Cleaner

    As of now, i'd guess no. We will be informed as soon as the decision is made, im sure.
  8. ok cool cheers
  9. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

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  10. At first I was skeptical, then I was disinterested now I'm hyped and ready to restart, with all the newfound knowledge I have. I'm sure I'll be up and running in no time! Also, I'm honestly sick of looking at the Nether in the state it's in.
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  11. Not to mention I've seen more new people come onto the server, if this happens, might as well make it soon. So they don't put too much time into their builds only for them to be removed. Did a /seen on a player (after seeing their build)...not online for 9 months. I don't think he's coming back online...
  12. ^ This. Have seen a few newbies on also, I'm not sure that it has been made clear to them there is a pending reset.

    Is it possible to get some communication on the reset? I understand "it's ready when it's ready" but it would be nice to see a progress report or get even a rough ETA.. Is it likely to be only a few more days, or could we be talking weeks or months away yet?

    I'm fishing, but my understanding is we're now testing the known buggy items/mods and working out what needs to stay disabled and what can now be enabled, right? Setting up protection flags and areas like /spawn? We have a clean install, the server is running, configs have been updated.. so we'd be very close?

    Any crumbs you want to throw our way would be much appreciated. :)
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  13. The main reason we don't provide an ETA is purely because if we do supply one we will be held to that date. We are all volunteers and have work outside of CraftAU which unfortunately takes precedence over what we do here as we all have to make a living.

    Some insight as to where we are up to: Currently testing to see if the version update is stable and back tracking the banned/bug/dupe items list to see if anything can be lifted.

    All important notices / information are put onto the forums for everyone to see, not just online players. It is also done this way because sometimes players may find themselves not being able to have the time to play but have a spare 5 minutes to themselves to come to the website. The forums are here for the players to utilise and find out information they need pertaining to the CraftAU servers; If finding this information is hard then there is little effort being put in by the people seeking it.

    Any further information will be posted as we progress or edge nearer to reset day which is yet to be announced.
  14. I think that it may have been easier for your guys to have just done all your prep first and then said hey who wants a reset...
    certainly would have stopped us pestering you and you having to be pestered...
  15. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

    And if the answer was no we wasted time and resources better spent elsewhere.
    This is much the same if we said "hey who wants a new server for xyz game?". Whilst it would be nice to pre-prep its not practical.
    Also as a reminder its the christmas season so quite afew staff have limited time to work on this.
  16. Thanks for the reply Forsco/Akon. I guess it's what I expected, but I had to ask right? :)
  17. when will you be upgraded to 2.6.0, ?
  18. See the above posts.
  19. oops sorry i skipped that 1 it looked a bit long to read , my bad =(
  20. Chardie

    Chardie The Blockerator.

    Ive been away for some time now, just waiting on a reset.

    Id be very keen to play much more on a fresh start, but while it stagnates and hangs in the balance, id rather not.

    I cant even really recommend friends of mine to join me if we lose all our progress.
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