FTB Infinity Evolved Reset Vote

Discussion in 'Latest News' started by BigJazzz, Oct 8, 2016.


Are you happy for a map reset?

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  1. Chardie

    Chardie The Blockerator.

    I think it wouldve been a good idea to have done the reset at the start of December, so that you can attract a lot of fresh players who have just started school and work holidays.

    Maybe you guys should be getting onto this sooner than later.
    Maybe some of us can help you get it going?
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  2. It's on our to do list, remember we are all volunteers @Chardie we don't work on CraftAU as a full time job so sometimes our availability to do server work can be next to none, even more so coming into the Christmas season family time comes first unfortunately.

    We have however started doing some server work.
  3. Chardie

    Chardie The Blockerator.

    well with over 80% vote to reset and not enough active members or admins, can I help at all?
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  4. This is one of those times where 'patience is a virtue'. You can however submit a Moderator application (subject to availability and requirements / openings) however Moderators don't have access to the server back end. Unfortunately it all comes down to when @DamageDoctor and @darkcamo12 have the time to fit all the work required within their free time. Sometimes it can be done in stages and others in one foul swoop.
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  5. DamageDoctor

    DamageDoctor Enlightened Staff Member Admin

    We are working on the reset and looking at what other options are available. We hope to announce something soon.
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  6. I Play on Normal Mode, I just started to be honest, and I really don't want to put any hours into it now because,
    I know a Reset will happen, The people have voted, I think the reset needs to happen sooner rather than later.
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  7. BigJazzz

    BigJazzz The Fabulous Staff Member Global Mod

    Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately we've been busy and are still working on the reset. As Damage said, we will say something soon, once we have something to say.
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  8. I mean. I agree with djFinker. Until the reset, I'm gonna' sit idly by and play ARK or vanilla MC for a while. I've reached everything I wanted in this life (#LifeBeforeTheReset). So I'ma wait until the reset. Might be an empty server from regulars who are feeling the same?
  9. Chardie

    Chardie The Blockerator.

    yep I refuse to play until theres a fresh start. I am having real trouble inviting people too, because when I tell them it will reset eventually, they say they may as well wait.
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  10. Yes this.
    I convinced three people to play on the server. They heard about the reset and stopped playing straight away. I asked why and they said, "Not playing until the reset." Along with a lot more profanity -Australian life-.

    I think delaying this update (preventing people coming online) is just emptying the server. Wasting time and money for you guys (admins(Camo)). I might hop on every now and then before the reset, but that's only so I can remember what I need to get 'started' with.

    Keep this thread alive, keep the server alive.
  11. BigJazzz

    BigJazzz The Fabulous Staff Member Global Mod

    Ok, seriously, enough. We're aware of how things stand and how people react to the news of a reset. Everyone needs to remember we run this server for free; we still have jobs and lives that continue on outside of the CraftAU community. We will get to the reset when we can (as we've said repeatedly and no one seems to be paying attention to). As has also been said, we'll put something up when we have more information.
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