FTB Unleashed 1.1.2 - August 2013 update

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  1. Hello everyone

    This post is to update everyone in the community about recent down time, future hardware upgrades and general information that hasn't been passed on. if you have any questions regarding this post feel free to ask them bellow.

    -Recent down time / rollbacks
    • Due to a few different issues we had a some downtime, and a 2 day rollback.
    • Whilst testing the cause of the issues the 2 mods open peripheral and misc peripheral both have been removed removed
    • Along with this all computer craft programs got removed.. some may still be there (or you may have someone elses program)
    • Random crashes and downtime should be all sorted now
    Sorry for the issues but a big thank you to all staff who helped try and get it back up ASAP

    -future hardware upgrades
    • 2x 256GB SSD in RAID to replace current SSD array
    • Xeon 1270v2 proccessor to replace our Xeon E3-1260 proccessor
    These upgrades will help the server immensly and should be underway in the coming month


    Our facebook page was deleted by a rogue admin although we have it back up
    please give us a like and share! every little bit helps us out!

    -Updated Staff list

    Owner -@Jawshee
    Admin - VisualScientist
    Global Moderator - gormagone
    Global Moderator - ironkak
    Global Moderator - LeilaniDawn - currently away for work
    Global Moderator - iSurgez
    Moderator - Astrotorical
    Moderator - mak6t4
    Moderator - Turbo_Sean
    Moderator - Ahkrin

    -website and teamspeak
    we have moved the website and forums to a new server and plan on having teamspeak on a different server also, this should help with lag and teamspeak dropouts and down time

    -Server Rules
    some rules have been tweak to benifit players and this is just a reminder to re read them often
    reminder to players that ALL machines need to be turned off when you are offline and also need to have a killswitch

    -technical support
    we have removed the technical support section and have replaced it with the "issues" section
    please post any bugs or issues you have there and our staff will get you to you ASAP

    If you have any further questions then please let me know :)
    Hopefully i havent missed anything

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  2. iAenima

    iAenima Your Friendly Neighbourhood Twizzler!

    Cheers for the sitrep lord pumpkin. :)
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  3. Incoming donation goal of $550 for the aforementioned upgrades FYI.
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  4. iAenima

    iAenima Your Friendly Neighbourhood Twizzler!

    Just in time for my supporter upgrade Jawshee ;)
  5. Yes so if you planned on donating to the server now is the best time to do it :D
  6. iAenima

    iAenima Your Friendly Neighbourhood Twizzler!

    Yeah I fly home on saturday and will be on my own good internet so I'll do it then I think.
  7. binary

    binary The 1 to the 0. Staff Member ARK Mod Discord Mod

    woohoo - thanks for the update Jack. very much appreciated.

    Just changed from Emerald to Support if paypal ever gets its sh^t together..
  8. haha no worries at all

    awesome :D

  9. Looks like its coming through as an eCheque :p should clear tomorrow
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