getting griefed by saltyprezel

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Lightning_Monster, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. I got griefed by saltyprezel and he stole my machines my sloars and my ME system I told him to not grief but he did and I expect you to do something and the best item he stole was my gravi chestplate im really mad and I hope you ban him or I will quit and can you please give my items back
  2. Firstly, how did he bypass your res?
  3. He didn't bypass the res, he was given perms but i'm pretty sure he isn't allowed to, I'm involved in this because the house was mine before it was given to him.
  4. he was given perms but hes not allowed to I expect you to banned him
  5. Who gave him perms?
  6. Lightningmonster did, which I did not approve of and I knew this was going to happen, I told him if he gets griefed, he owes me everything he owns
  7. Ok he has obviously broken Rule 1.4 "You may NOT grief or steal within a residence in any world, even if you have trusted permissions within the residence" So unless another mod bans him first, I'll do it as soon as I can after work today.

    I'll need his full in game name, correctly spelt please.
  8. Madogi has dealed with it, he banned him etc, thanks Ironkak, I guess he just got to it before you.
  9. Madogi

    Madogi Retired Admin

    Sorted it ironkak ;)
  10. All good... as long as justice was served! :D
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