Has anyone worked out the point of Rotary Craft yet?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by digdugdash, Jan 4, 2014.


Do you intend to build a Rotary Craft area in Monster?

  1. Hell no, it's just not worth the effort when they're so many other cool things in Monster!

  2. Maybe, after I have infinite resources and am looking for a distraction.

  3. There's one or two machines I think would be worth getting, but not the rest.

  4. Yes, because I really like when a fantasy computer game makes me actually learn physics.

  5. Heck yeah, I'm *starting* with Rotary Craft because it was so unfair what they did to GregTech!

  1. digdugdash

    digdugdash automotanator

    As far as I can tell this is an awesome mod for when you're playing in creative because the machines do look kind of "cool", but in Survival it is an enormous grind and fiddle with a custom workbench that seems *explicitly* intended just to stop you from automating things because it provides no useful features like the other mod's worktables do. I'm a little bit baffled how this got included in Monster, I guess this fills in the gap left by GregTech for people who think that all the other mods have made things too easy?
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  2. 1. IC2 v2 = harder
    2. Its not a gregtech replacement its a standalone mod and not a add-on
    3. Its based on Realism
    4. Nothing is cheap and easy in the real world
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  3. huh? also Rotary Craft has an easy way to make steel!

    so you like having to stand there and watch something do nothing for an hour to make sure it doesnt break AFTER you turned it off?

    oh and this is motarcraft stuff btw.
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  4. Savage_Me55iah

    Savage_Me55iah Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist

    starting with computercraft and ic2 maybe tinkers... once i get 6 diamonds watch me take off
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  5. That can be disabled in the configs if we choose ;)

    haha thats the way start with the easier ones and work your way up :D
  6. and as for the point of rotary craft... well whats really the point in any of the mods?

    just because its hard or realistic doesnt mean it isnt worth the trouble... and not being able to automate it? what about thaumcraft or some tinkers items... not everything in FTB can be automatic... :D
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  7. Savage_Me55iah

    Savage_Me55iah Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist

    the only thing i will say against rotary and reactor craft is they take alot of blocks/machines to work, may have to watch for lag makers
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  8. digdugdash

    digdugdash automotanator

    That's a pretty clear "not really" I'm hearing.

    "real life is hard" - gosh, is it? I've bred every legitimately obtainable bee in the game, have one of the largest (if not the largest) AE network on the current server, wiring for a master off switch all throughout, built a couple of top-tier Steve's cart, and spent many many hours experimenting and debugging Lua code for various Minecraft projects. None of which I got from Creative. You think I'm complaining because it's "hard"? lols. It's not about being "hard", it's about whether or not the work pays off proportionally to the investment - because in this "real world" when I work harder I get paid more, so it's a clear rational trade-off decision for me. Don't get me wrong, I think the realism is a really cool thing to aim for (in the same way that different electrical mods take different approaches to energy) but in the real world nobody builds complicated things "from scratch". Car enthusiasts don't excavate their own ores from the earth, smelt them in their own forges that they built by hand, and so on. To pretend that it's somehow "better" to be more "realistic" but not actually match how the real world really works is highly amusing to me. If I need to build a hundred grinders to provide enough lubricant to keep my miner running, will we be able to say "but it's realistic" when the admins complain about lag?

    What's the point of mods? Uh, typically it's either evolution or entertainment - for long-playing games to have re-playability they either need to have a variety of mechanisms for altering/extending/improving the gameplay over time or some engaging story-telling that makes up for technical deficiencies (PvP games typically combine evolution with RPS mechanics to make games dynamic but typically then play very short games rather than multi-month maps). Otherwise it's just a matter of time before people get bored and the next big AAA title with slightly m0ar pixels kicks it to the curb. Most of the mods in FtB are clearly designed to evolve the gameplay over time, from storage upgrades, tool upgrades, factory automation to incredible matter-creation machines, while mods like Twililght/Thaumcraft are a nice mix of multiple worlds - adding entertainment aspects alongside gameplay tweaks. There's nothing wrong with mods breaking basic mechanics like crafting or fluids if they have a proportional pay-off to doing so - the unstable ingots are a fantastic example of where the established crafting mechanics are 'broken' in return for providing special tools/abilities not available in other mods. I can see that some of the high-level machines in Rotarycraft look like they could be interesting, and it makes sense that a heavy-duty mod would have a top-tier machine for even grinding bedrock (the spawner stuff is probably the most useful but totally out of character with the mod), but the question is how much infrastructure it takes to get to these things and what they provide in return? Especially given that I suspect half those top-tier machines would get banned for lag and/or res-bypass killing if people could actually be bothered building them...

    edit: To be clear, definitely the most annoying thing about Rotarycraft for me is that pointless workbench. If they removed that, or just limited it to only being required for constructing the top-tier machines (in the same way that other mods have higher tier machines to construct the items for the next tier up) it would at least be marginally interesting to play with once I've built my base using all the other mods. But having to craft low tier machines by hand with no NEI support every single time is pointlessly annoying for no benefit whatsoever.
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  9. elementalist

    elementalist Global Moderator Global Mod

    I see no issue with the Worktable, simply cause it does nothing beyond store excess resources when u close it...and craft when you give it a redstone single...

    As for nei not supporting quick recipes...they'll get to it eventually.

    Are you using FTB Monster? Lubricant has been changed in latest release, along with a lot more machines using Lube now, things are still being balanced. It's 2 Grinders per Hydrokinetic engine atm in Monster, this has been changed since.

    RotaryCraft was designed for standalone, it was not designed with other mods in mind.

    Surprised you're not whinging about ReactorCraft and having just about 0 documentation. I'd agree with you if you said ReactorCraft shouldn't me in monster yet, it's still in development, but RotaryCraft is more then easy enough to get going and started with. It's actually easier then most mods to get started with.
  10. digdugdash

    digdugdash automotanator

    I haven't spent any time on ReactorCraft yet, because there's already a pretty wide variety of non-blowing-up power sources in Monster and very few machines need that much raw power prior to end-game. Honestly I'm mostly grumpy at ReactorCraft because I really want to like it, and have actually been spending a fair bit of time on trying to get things set up and running on a survival Horizons map (and to a lesser extent in creative Monster). I actually *like* doing the various calculations, conversions, connections and such of all the parts, because I really do enjoy putting together the pieces of an interesting puzzle (also why I love writing software most of the time).

    It's frustrating me because it feels like it really hasn't found that balance between "hard work" vs "grinding", but I guess that's not an uncommon feature of a new mod. My hope is that the additional cross-mod integrations in Monster will help balance it out a bit more and let you avoid some of the grind, but since I've mostly been playing Horizons the last week I haven't encountered that myself yet (mmmm.... Magic Crops :) ).

    As for the claim of it being intended as a "stand alone" mod, I don't buy it at all. The amount of iron you need is significant, if you really tried to play with just this mod in survival I'd wager you'd be spending half your time just digging for ore given how far along it takes to build any kind of quarry. Not to mention the gunpowder - are you supposed to farm the creepers without any other mod integration? The "stand alone mod" response is a perfectly reasonable excuse for when someone discovers an unexpected infinite loop, but is actually a worse response to the claim that something is too grindy.
  11. You'd be surprised at some things in vanilla dig. A full sized beacon requires 164 block of iron. 1476 ingots, or 23 and a bit stacks, 184.5 coal and each ingot takes 10 seconds to cook... ALOT of work. In my main vanilla world I have 2-3 full sized beacons which i move about to get increased mining speed and regen (Regen is off).
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  12. Love it :D

    also ddd nobody is forcing you to use a mod...

    if you want to say "its realistic" after you make a lag machine ill happily world edit it to a non laggy realistic stone :D

    im not being involved in bitch fest about mods people dont like...

    im out -_-
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  13. digdugdash

    digdugdash automotanator

    @zero - Why would I be surprised that the top-tier item in vanilla requires a large amount of resources? o_O

    @iSurg - I never claimed I was being forced to use the mod, and the first words in the thread are "As far as I can tell this is an awesome mod for when you're playing in creative". I started this thread because I want to like this mod but so far I haven't been able to find a decent "let's play" or straight-forward ramp-up for it that doesn't involve a bunch of fiddling. I figured that given some of the cool tricks I've seen on this server maybe somebody else had worked it out a bit better, but I guess I'll probably have to wait until after the Monster server has gone up and people have had time to resource-up.

    Personally I've been having a bit more success now with the stackable solar panels (when is solar not the answer eh?) so I'm thinking some combination of wind/solar with fly-wheels is probably the pre-fuel bootstrap I'm looking for.
  14. Savage_Me55iah

    Savage_Me55iah Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist

    they have compact windmills now... pretty cheap too compared to solars
  15. digdugdash

    digdugdash automotanator

    I really like the 'compact' systems, because by definition they're basically pre-balanced and lag-saving. As for "cheap", the HV solar doesn't require an iridium rotor to not run down over time. :p

  16. you can automate those last 2, i know this becuase i have done it already.
  17. digdugdash

    digdugdash automotanator

    And the new Thaumic Tinkerer adds a direct peripheral for Thaumcraft, while of course Open Peripherals makes almost all things possible in the wonderful world of Lua. :D
  18. binary

    binary The 1 to the 0. Staff Member ARK Mod Discord Mod

    which is sooooo very cool - i cannot wait for open peripherals!
  19. All I need now is to sap all of dig's lua programs and I should be set, assuming he doesn't booby trap them o_O As for the solar tower, it seems they can get VERY large. I used the ingame worldedit tool which some mod adds to set a 31x31 square of the mirrors and chucked a tower in the middle :D
  20. Savage_Me55iah

    Savage_Me55iah Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist

    looks like mob essence from slimes with grinders has been nerfed

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