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Discussion in 'Sorted Applications' started by xiSurgez, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. First Name: Jack
    Age: 16 nearly 17
    Location: Launceston, Tasmania
    Server Join Date: May 1, 2013

    Computer Specs:
    CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 270(overclocked to 4ghz)
    Graphics Card: PowerColor HD7770(Overclocked)
    RAM: 4gb DDR3 (soon to be 8)

    I would like to become a Moderator because I love to help people out in game.

    I havent had very much moderator experience although (even though its not related) I have done work experience and a council's IT department doing helpdesk jobs which has given me better knowledge in helping with peoples issues in a large company

    In the month that I have been playing I have fallen in love with FTB, and the community here :D
    and would love to help give something back to the server, and other than donating more, i cant see a better way of helping than applying to become a mod

    I have a very good understanding of the rules and why there in place(same with banned items)

    Play Times:
    I'm on everyday or close to it
    I can be on at all different times just depends on college

    Weekdays: anywhere from 3:30pm to Midnight
    Weekends: any where from Midday to 4/5am

    I'm always on Teamspeak if im in game

    I am also very active on Forums, always have a craftau tab open(I'm on them when im at college and most of the time when on the bus)
    About me:
    Names Jack and I'm a 16yo from Tassie who loves gaming, cars(nissan/subaru) and music

    I've been gaming since the ps1 and then moved onto the ps2 then xbox360..
    still play the 360 from time to time but mainly a PC gamer now
    I mainly play MC at the moment but I'm Willing to give anything a try :)

    Any questions feel free to reply :)

  2. Yes from me lol
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  3. At this time, we are only accepting users 18 or over

    plus you didnt use the template
  4. 1. We don't have a hard set age limit
    2. We don't have an application template
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  5. mjc4wilton

    mjc4wilton Emperor Of Space

    Jawshee, if there is no age limit and no template can you please look at my app that astro denied from those reasons
  6. Well how old are you
  7. he is 17 years old and i think he should be moderator cause hes awesome xD
  8. hes talking about mjc -_-

    but yeah im nearly 17 so close haha
  9. Madogi

    Madogi Retired Admin

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  10. :'( I guess everyone gets there time

    Congrats man
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  11. thanks :)
  12. Yeas I'm mad
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  13. GTCharged

    GTCharged Resident American Staff Member Minecraft Mod

    Grats on the mod, surge!
  14. Grats Surgeo!
  15. Thanks Guys :D
  16. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    since when is there no hard set age limit? Is that new?
  17. Quetzel11

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