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Did Madogi overreact?

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  3. who's Madogi?

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  1. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    Well, as many of you may have heard, claw and xygtho greifed webdocter and i's shop, by putting up a huge, claimed sand wall around it. Later, it was found that Claws shop was filled with water. We contacted iSurgez, and he said after he got back from college, he would look into it/\. Minutes later, madogi came one, and told us our timer setup for the flashing lights was illegal, when all the timers were over 3 seconds delay. He blamed the repeaters, which I set up, as having too short a delay, when there was never any written rule that said that they had to be a certain way. Well, he said he would ban web, who is my friend, so i stood up for him, and revealed the name of the player who filled claws shop with water. He said that player didn't exist (it was blazingfastbros, to be clear) and refused to check the facts. I held off telling him in the first place, because blazing is my friend IRL, and i didn't want him banned, but when i saw how much trouble he cause, i ratted him out. Well, i fixed the repeaters, and was JUSTIFIABLY angry at madogi, who didn't do ANYTHING to punish claw OR xygtho, so i told him to get lost. So he gave me a ban. Barely had time to drop my valuables beforehand. I no longer care about claw or xygtho, I just wanna see madogi punished. The ban was completely unwarranted, and i had reason to be angry. I spoke no curse words, all i said was, and I quote "there, fixed, now go away", and i got banned for being rude. The fact that it is a one day ban does not matter, it was completely uncalled for, and very nearly cost me my quatumsuit, gravichestplate, and ultimate solar helmet. This post is all truth, and anyone who doubts it can question audi, webdocter, or any other player on at the time. The scene of the crime was near Claw_Shop, if anyone wishes to investigate further.
  2. Madogi

    Madogi Retired Admin

    banned for 3 weeks due to greifing claw's res with a frame motor(your friend told me) ;)
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  3. Is something wrong with me?

    I proved him wrong, so he muted me and unmuted me, and this kid asks for it to be day and he all of a sudden says YES SIR and makes it day, what?

    heres a little update, how was i harassing who/what
  4. Madogi

    Madogi Retired Admin

    every thought of when i told you or DamageDoctor told you to stop harrasing me and that were busy fixing chunk loaders... and you took up a hour of my time over this crap... and still u never stopped....
  5. Harassment is the act of bullying somebody based on their sexuality, race, religion, size, hair color, or anything like that. It is NOT considered harassment if you are just arguing unless one party is bullying you. Quoting madogi here "Think of it" did I really harass you
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  6. Madogi

    Madogi Retired Admin

    when someone tells u to drop it,stop , let it go, or shut the hell up general means to shut up
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  7. So I got banned for talking? isn't there a freedom of speech or something? theres an /ignore command bro, use it?
  8. web just the way you are speaking on here seems rude and i wasnt there..
    if you really have an issue with your ban maybe appeal the ban.. @
  9. I don't believe this is rude, I have appealed and I expect to be rejected because the admins don't favor me.
  10. Madogi

    Madogi Retired Admin

    i dont favour anyone at all... people hate me i enforce the rules... its simple logic i ban you u hate me.... i give you free stuff u love me... happens all the time i cant please everyone as i said u should not of build next to his res and taunted claw he only put a wall quetz grief that wall i rolled it back u were being rude to me for almost a hour so i banned you... i warned u multiple times...
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  11. Was I being rude honestly, I said 'with all due respect' and 'can i ask you something without you getting mad or anything' I was trying my best to be polite
  12. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    so, banned because I attempted to take down the gigantic wall he put up around our res. Yeah, that seems totally fair. Yet I don't see claw getting punished for putting it there in the first place. Madogi, I am trying with all my will to be respectful here, but your punishment seems overly severe. If I am getting a 3-week ban for FIXING a greif, then claw needs one for putting it there. You cannot possibly imagine how much willpower it is taking for me to remain polite right now. I have every amount of respect for the mods, and I am refraining from being rude here, which I wouldn't be doing if this was just another player's fault. But really, this is unacceptable. I am homeschooled, and this server is literally the only thing I do ALL DAY! You come on here, and ban me for something that I did in response to a prior greifing. The only reason I attacked his res, is because he claimed the wall. I request a lawyer. This is an outrage. Not to mention, what you did to web was highly immature. I understand that he should have let it go (sorry web, but you did kinda push it), but muting him, then taunting him by honoring another players request for daytime is unbelievably childish. I once played on a server where I was a mod, and got un-modded for doing that.
  13. Quet, claw placing res's around yours isn't griefing, he has the right to do so, he can build what he pleases on his own land.

    You still griefed, doesnt matter if you didnt like the sand placed around your home, you bypassed res protection, and griefed claws property, you still broke the server rules, its only fair you have been punished.
  14. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    Ok, if that's what everyone thinks, then I will concede defeat. All I ask is a shortening of my sentence. I will gladly tear down the shop and move it onto my own property, 3000 blocks from spawn, and have web remove the residence. However, I cant do that if I'm banned. I sincerely apologize for wasting everyone's time, and hope you will accept my apology. I especially am sorry for being rude to you, madogi, I understand that you are a mod, and your judgement should be respected. I really hope you will give me some way to redeem myself, whether it be community service, some sort of fine, ect, but I really can't handle a 3-week ban. This server is literally my time killer, and I just got emerald for a week yesterday. It took months to save up enough forum cash to get it, and I never got a chance to set up my quarry. Please reconsider, I promise I will be more conservative in the future, and I will leave claw and xygtho alone.
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  15. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    alright mjc, lets let up on the hostility. I appreciate the support very much, but antagonistic tendencies will get us nowhere. If I've learned one thing from past experience, it's that you have to be polite and nice, and hope that the mods are nice enough to hear you out.
  16. mjc4wilton

    mjc4wilton Emperor Of Space

    okay....... sorry mods :(
  17. we are happy to hear you out depending on what you say and how you say it

    being rude or nasty wont get you anywhere..
  18. Madogi

    Madogi Retired Admin

    Due to your mature nature and understand as to why i banned you. i have unbanned you and Webdoc

    as for mjc4wilton you have been banned please read the rules next time

    as for your moderator application this was my reason for rejecting you multiple times

  19. mjc4wilton

    mjc4wilton Emperor Of Space

    i am sorry Madogi and all other mods for my disrespect, coming from the bottom of my heart, i will do anything to play again, i consider this server my home
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