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  1. how far are we off monster? ive been playin around with it in solo and frankly am quite excited for it
    just curious if its going to be soon or a few months off still
  2. Currently the pack is still in beta so we cannot be 100% sure the world wont need resetting

    once we come out of beta we will be doing final touch ups on spawn and final testing of everything and be ready to go live
  3. Judging by recent updates they are still adding and removing mods (mainly addons), so chances are we will see when it will exit beta when the updates relate to bug fixes rather then mod alterations. It seems to be in the phase of leaving mod alterations to bug fixes, so probably 2-6 weeks left. Don't take my word for it, as that's my guess.
  4. ah lame i want to play so bad but i just cant get motivated to make something if its gunna get wiped so soon ahaha also are u gunna have a rease time were u wall us all in then let us run free all at once :p
  5. yeah theres still a few bugs like infinite power for IC2 with can also be converted to RF power and Mj

    also TE3 conduts have chunk loading problems(sometime they work fine other time they cant find there path

    and alot of rotary craft stuff still cuses chunk errors as does gasscraft
  6. i hope they enable BoP in full.
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  7. also bigreactors atm are not worth the time, they give out lass power then you can setup with dynomos, but the by product from it is worth the same as iridum, blance plz, lol
  8. also IC2 cables random stop working, wont connect to there own machines only to other cables.
  9. Does anyone else get 100% CPU from Monster? I'm finding it super chuggy and can't imagine this working on anything other than a super computer.

    Current specs, Core i5 (top of the range, can't recall the model)
    16 gig ram
    120 GB SSD Sata 3
    760 Nvidia
  10. Update/reinstall java.
  11. Found the issue, Increase the Memory from 1 GB's to at least 4 GB's and the game runs smooth. (from the FTB Menu)

    Eyamaz (modpack dev)-
  13. also i there a bug in clones, where now i cant get hurt by any thing, canning machine is buggy, it wont fill any thing with foam if both tanks are full, thaumcraft knowage sharing is OP, bed rock picks can pick up world gen spawners.
  14. akondar

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    Thaumcraft sharing isn't really op, its a convenience. You still have to actually make the stuff you research.
    Bumped into the Sync Mod bug myself, it usually fixes after abit. Its a known bug and is being looked at by the modmaker as far as I know

    Also bugs go here:
  15. oh this isnt on the server you guy have, i have no idea how to get on that.
  16. were getting bop
  17. darkcamo12

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    That has always been the case and it makes it even better knowing it is enabled by default
  18. to note with BOP, increase your ram to at least 4 gig. I'm using 5 gig, otherwise some biomes run super slow
  19. darkcamo12

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    I only use 3GB of ram and the Java arguments to make monsters garbage collection better
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    Getting antsy.. they need to move it into gear and push stable already.

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