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Discussion in 'Latest News' started by Opt1mus, Jul 8, 2017.

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    Hi Players

    We have just launched a second Ark Survival Evolved server running the Ragnarok map and on PvP, the current island server will remain on PvE, but if players decide they would like to have a new map on that server then i am open to suggestions. The Ragnarok server is currently password protected so Myself and the other Ark mods can finalise setup in game, an announcement will be made when the server becomes open to players.
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  2. Just to help keep everyone up to date for the new Ragnarok server progress, messages will be added in this section.

    Today, the Viking Bay area is being made a NON PvP area, and is an excellent area for all players to spawn in.
    The non PvP feature works in this area.

    However, Viking Bay is very much a PvE environment.

    There will be new set of server rules put in place specifically for the Ragnarok map. These rules will be posted as we fine tune them.
  3. pjman

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    Nice - thanks for your efforts. Any chance of having these servers allow crossing between them? Is that even a thing to only allow sharing between two certain servers?
  4. Opt is working on setting up the cross-ark.

    Please remember that if he gets this wrong, everything sent from the CraftAu Island map to the CraftAu Ragnarok map can be lost forever.
  5. Thanks for the new server!

    Can we get a mod list and server rates?

    Is there an ETA?

    Thanks again!
  6. Seems to be there is a lot of interest in the Ragnarok server, and that's great.

    The server is still in the testing mode, and is locked.

    Mods in game have not been finalised, but S+ is one mod. (potentials are : castles and keeps, one of the eco mods for furniture, a stack mod, neat spoiler)

    Server rates still need to be defined. I can tell you that the rates will be along the lines of those on The Island server (carry and XP will more than likely remain at 3x) (to keep this area in-line with the island map).

    There may be a slight increase in some areas (gather/harvest rates from 4x to 5x, taming from 4x to 5x) ( egg hatch baby mature from 6x to 10x ( 10x for these will then eliminate the breeding weekend))

    One issue has been found with buildings inside caves.

    The issue is, a metal foundation outside a cave's limits required about 8 RPG to destroy it.
    Inside the cave it only required 1 RPG to destroy it. Buildings inside caves have a higher hp so, this is an issue that needs sorting.

    Opt will be making a few changes to the server rates today if he has time.

    As for Cross-Ark , the scripts will hopefully be sorted this weekend, then the cross ark will be tested.

    Hope this gives you a bit more info, but remember, the key word is MAY.
  7. pjman

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    Hey - I'm not sure I get what you re saying with the building in caves. From what I read you are saying that it should take more rpg's to destroy something in the cave? As I understand it, cave buildings should be easier to damage than the same building out in the open.
  8. I revisited my source regarding the buildings inside caves.

    The link that was forwarded to me has been removed from the web.

    The original info I had (video and written info) showed that buildings inside caves had an increase of h/p and took less damage than buildings built outside of a cave. (requiring about 6x to destroy the building inside a cave)

    Yesterday I spent a lot of time researching this area.

    Upon the release of Ragnarok Map, the positive cave buff seems to had been reversed and all buildings inside caves now have about 6x greater damage applied to them. ( about 6x easier to destroy) This is supported with a test done on the CraftAu Ragnarok Server in which a metal base placed outside a caves area required about 8 RPG to destroy it and only 1 RPG to destroy a metal base placed inside a cave.

    Some caves ( from patch v 260.00) had the negative buff removed from the caves entrance, requiring the same effort to destroy gates etc. as gates placed away from a cave. A listing of these caves is not yet available.

    ARK = Ark one day, Arked the next !!!!
  9. I thought this was intentional, as the developers have stated that the caves are supposed to be a highly contested zone and that for some caves its quite easy to fortify caves and block access. To make up for this the buildings in caves are more vulnerable.

    Anyway, do you want the buildings in caves and areas designated caves to be more vulnerable?

    Also now that the server is open, could we get a mod list please?
  10. So we finally have the Ragnarok server and Its PvP, I probably will come back but won't mostly engage in PvP with others unless provoked. P.s nice to see you guys again.

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