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  1. Hey all im in the worse mood right now..

    but heres some good news!
    guess what this is
    this bad boy will be installed tomorrow morning some time so expect 10 mins or so downtime..
    thank you to all who donated towards this new CPU
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  2. shiny
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  3. mak6t4

    mak6t4 Forgotten King

    Imagine if the CPU was the size of that whole box :p
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  4. digdugdash

    digdugdash automotanator

    They used to be even bigger than that... :p
  5. Is it installed yet?
  6. was done a week ago :)
  7. Entrodor_wolfry

    Entrodor_wolfry lord_megaminer +Supporter Spam Cleaner

    Question, where is this server hosted? is it home hosted and if it is who is running it?
  8. sydney data center
  9. How did you upgrade the CPU in the server? Was it sent over for the Datacentre to upgrade? Or are you supplying a picture of a CPU that is like the one that was put?
  10. Our Host alan Bought it and installed it for us :D
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