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Discussion in 'Latest News' started by LogicallyUnfit, Mar 28, 2018.

  1. LogicallyUnfit

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    Hey guys,

    Update: Unfortunately this server is currently offline, read more about it here.

    We’ve just finished setting up our Modern Skyblock server, and it’s ready for your consumption!

    Connection Info:
    Current Version: 3.4
    Notes: this pack appears to be a little hungry on the resources, if you have any issues please check your ram settings before filing a modreq

    As always you can contact us for assistance via
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  2. MisterNormie

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  3. LogicallyUnfit

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    Updated to stable version 3.4, Please update your clients and enjoy!
  4. I get a "Failed to login: Invalid ip" any my entire subnet listed as blocked - halp?
  5. LogicallyUnfit

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    Put in a modreq if you haven’t already, and I’ll let the guys know.
  6. Hi , can join the server any more , it crah my game , i think its all due to galaxticraft modd . since i use my rocket its crash me middle air and since then can reconnect or play on the server . Plz help , if there a way to make me respawn in the spawn it will appreciate . Sorry for the bad english im french :p
  7. Ticket logged, but it seems to be sorted out now as I can finally connect, thank you. Incidentally, I couldn't find a link to the modreq system anywhere on the site, had to dig it out of my old bookmarks.
  8. And now I'm "not white-listed on this server"... this isn't going so well.
  9. LogicallyUnfit

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    It appears that Mincraft's Auth Servers have been up and down the past few days. keep an eye on that if you keep getting these errors. also, the modreq link was at the top of this post :p
  10. played on the server now says I'm " not white listed on this server"
  11. Hi , i cant connect to the server because imm not white listed ! Do you need to be whitelisted to play ? plz let me know cause i played more thaT 200 h on this pack :(
  12. elementalist

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    The whitelist has been turned off, not sure why it had been turned on, unless it's related to the other auth issues Mojang has been having recently
  13. Is the White-list back up again?
  14. Cant connect because its coming up as this server is white-listed i can connect to other servers fine.
  15. I'm not white-listed. What i can do to enter on this server? Thx for any help!
  16. Vyx

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    Has there been a fix found for the white-list issue? I just tried to log in and it is saying I am not white listed as well.

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