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  1. JRL101

    JRL101 The Infamous Jack Wolfe

    ATT: darkcamo12
    I expect this post to be closed and deleted before you see this. Just to be sure I've got standard screenshots of my complaint, and evidence. Just in-case.
    (This is somewhat related so bear with me)
    I have been previously banned from using "reactions" (aka Rating system) for using emoticons against someones personal taste. These were a collection of ratings designed around the "trolling" theme, i used them in the appropriate places, but because of biased views myself and other involved in the thread (even some who didn't use the rating system) were banned for using these ratings.

    Months later and the same "reactions" have been used on me in a closed thread, after the acceptance of its closure due to a conversation which was on topic.
    I was fine, there was no reason to complain, no way to object to the forced closing. I was fine with it, who cares.

    (skip to here if you don't want to read anything to do with the leadup)
    But, after a few days, i get notified of a reaction on the dead post from opt1mus. None other than the exact ratings, we got banned from the rating system, for using (once in a particular thread only).
    SEE post #13 and #14

    I don't want that kind of abuse, the kind i'm told to take from jerks thinking that just because they were given the privileges to wield power, that they can just abuse it when they feel like it. Without a reaction.
    No. I refuse to be abused like that.

    Darkcamo, i don't know you personally, we've met probably twice but you'd never remember me. I just hope you view this small complaint with logic, because even the slightest sign of a fair reaction is enough for me. Even if that's just a ban from the rating system, that is perfectly fine. (and fair)
    I don't want it to go under the radar just because he's a mod and i should be afraid of him. Its not about how small the complaint is either, it's about giving a bully a reaction. If i can't get you to see that a mod likes to have a kick at someone when they cant fight back, then i don't know what to do. Speaking as an ex-moderator it's nasty and unprofessional to act like opt1mus has. Trying to talk to anyone about it will surely get my conversation wiped or ignored. Lets see what happens.

    You don't bully people into silence because you don't agree with them. You have a conversation and convince each other.
  2. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 Owner Staff Member Admin

    I have removed the 2 ratings from the website entirely so no one is allowed to use them (I through they were gone already) and have also removed the one I saw on the post you were referring to

    I have spoken to optimus about this, which he informed me that they were put there well over a month ago, but still none the less is shouldn't have happened and it won't happen again by a staff member

    On another note if there is a complaint about a staff member they are not allowed to moderate the post, and since this is against a staff member who is higher then normal moderators is goes to the the administrator and me
  3. BigJazzz

    BigJazzz The Fabulous Staff Member Global Mod

    Further to Camo's post, if there's a complaint about a staff member please use the modreq system and lodge an appropriate ticket.
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