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Discussion in 'Sorted Applications' started by seanybob011, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. First name (real): Sean Nick Name "Seany"
    Age(You must be 18 years of age or older and mature): I am Currently 17 years of age, i am turning 18 on the 18th of June!
    Timezone: GMT+10

    Server Join Date: 11 Jan 2014
    How often do you play Minecraft & what time's do you play: I play pretty much around 6-12hours hours a day from around 10am - 12pm
    Within the past month, have you been in trouble in-game(Griefing etc..)? If so, what have you done? No, because i stopped playing minecraft but i recently got back into it alot, so i will be on this for a while!!
    Do you have a microphone and TeamSpeak: Yes
    Please detail your computer specifications (CPU, Graphics Card, Memory): GPU GeForce GTX 550 Ti, CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU 3.40GHz

    Why do you want to be a moderator: Because i have much experience with minecraft players and permission with plugins and i am willing to learn stuff i have never learnt before and would love to be a part of your team at "CraftAU"
    Do you have previous mod/admin experience: Yes
    If yes, tell us about your experience: Yes on many other MC Survival/FTB servers moderator on one old US "Ultimate FTB server" Forgot the name but it had atleast 30 active players on it and many others on MC Survival Mod, Admin, Co-Owner and even owner of a MC Survival server that had around 15-20 active players!
    What do you do if someone breaks a rule: Depending on the Rule for Mass Griefing EG, Getting Trusted to someones res when they are offline they massively grief there house i would first Logblock it if its that player i would Instant banned Reason: Mass Griefing
    What do you do if a friend wants an item: I would say no because thats against the rules and i do not want to be demoted and maybe banned them for few hours for asking for free stuff "If they asked me heaps" otherwise i would just ignore my freind.
    Do you understand that you could be demoted at any time: Yes i do and will take full responsibility for whatever i do.
    Tell us a little bit about yourself: Hello, I am Sean i love minecraft/gaming with people im a chill guy to talk to, i never shut up but i do take stuff seriously when it is appropriate to do so.

    Do you Agree to what is Expected of you?: Yes i do!

    Please answer these scenarios to the best of your ability: ok

    1) What would you do if two staff members were fighting and it was beginning to escalate out of control? I would Firstly try saying lemme get both sides of the fight "eg" its in the teamspeak i would move one out and say ok what going on and how can i help, and go on from there

    2) You have a new player join the server and start saying JOIN MY SERVER!!!! MC.SERVER.NET!!! NO BANNED ITEMS!!!. What would you do? Instantly banned him for advertising!

    3) A Player contacts you and says he has been griefing and is going off at you what steps would you take to calm him and what steps would you take after you calm'd him down? i would say ok im here what has been griefed so i can logblock it so i can banned who ever has griefed you and what ever items have been stolen will be returned hoping the items i give back will calm him

    4) (this one there are two mod's online) A new player uses racist comments to insult another player and when you warning the new player. then starts attacking you with swear words insulting family members.( at this point your emotions are high ur frustrated, on the verge of getting angry.) what would you do? Well i would just mute him for spamming and being racist and if he private messaged me i would just banned him for being racist annoying and abusive to players!
  2. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

    Welcome Seanybob011
    Whilst applications will be reviewed by the admins for acceptance on their own merit generally we expect a player to have been with the server community for a reasonable period of time before they are considered for a moderator position.
    Its nothing meant personally it just its good to get a feel for you as a person and how you go with our community before giving you the responsibility of a moderator position.
    That being said keep helping people and making friends because there is a great community here and I look forward to seeing you enjoying yourself in-game.
  3. Thanks for Comment Akondar :) And Fair Enough, and i have met alot of the server im friendly to pretty much everyone on the server
  4. iAenima

    iAenima Your Friendly Neighbourhood Twizzler!

    Going off the basis that your first post on the forum is your mod application. No.
  5. Unfortunately its a no at this point in time
    like Akon and iAenima have said... this is your first post on the forums and you simply havent been around for very long

    we also arent really in need of any new staff just yet but may be looking for more in the future and hopefully by then youll have been around a little longer and been a little more active on the forums and be in a better position to apply


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