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    What is the InGame Name of the accused Player:
    Player: TOP
    Faction: MAZOND

    If A Starmade Rule was broken list which one :

    1.1 - Don't Cheat or use Unfair Advantages.
    1.2 5k salvage module limit.
    1.8 Large ships docked to planets.

    What Time and Date did the Event happen at? :

    22 October 2015 between 12am-3am
    Although he is on and this occurs every night.

    Was there an Admin present?:

    No, never is when this guy is on due to being late at night.

    Please describe the issue in detail.

    Player has been on the server for a while now, default ping is around 400-600 at any given time. He has been on the server for at least several weeks now.

    Player has been asked by other players to try to fix his ping/lag for some time now. Many have politely suggested he perhaps find a server closer to home due to issues he is causing for the sake of his own enjoyment as well of those of other players.
    Zero response back from him at any time, just doesn't respond to any one at all.

    Ping is reguarly into the thousands, causing glitches with the game for other players, e.g pausing of jump drive charging, weapons not damaging or destroying other ships as they should, rubber banding/teleporting. The player himself jumps around randomly when viewed, at distances into the km's meaning interacting with him in a gameplay sense is impossible. Issues go away when he leaves the server.

    The teleportation due to massive lag gives him a massive advantage as it can be impossible to target him properly in combat. Often people with high pings have no issue targetting local players themselves due to how game network code generally works.

    Player has been advised of rules several times and encouraged to read them, yet still disregards them.
    Had a large ship docked to a planet (AI Pirate Olympus), planet has a ship core that has gltiched inside of it and requires deleting.
    Player also has a salvager with approx. 40000 salvage modules (Guesstimated maths looking at his modules) . Which causes his ping to go into the thousands, and causes massive lag for other players as he mines planets. (Screenshots attached.)

    He has since deleted the ship docked on the planet after numerous requests, only after people told him they would be reporting him. So clearly understands what has been said to him over the last few weeks.
    Seems to have a total disregard for other players ability to play and enjoy the game.

    I'd ask this player be permanently banned for the sake of the greater community, his ping and playstyle is not realistically viable for playing on an Australian server and he causes massive disruption to the game.

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  2. akondar

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  3. Heck banned this guy earlier because he wouldn't respond to him.
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  4. Rellith

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    Hey, sorry for the late reply, I've been extremely busy with a lot of person things that have taken up a lot of my time.

    Has there been any further trouble with this player since or he still banned?
  5. Nopes he gone, problem solved :)
  6. Rabid

    Rabid Defied Gods and Demons

    Yeah, all good. persons gone.
    Hope we see you soon! :)

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