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    Player I am reporting: SirHeck
    Others involved: Reviire, Rellith (not in an admin capacity)
    Reason for report: Abusing admin powers by teleporting me across the galaxy for "picking fights" when I have not even used my weapons or trash talked in chat. I was in a small, simple unthreatening ship and was teleported away with the reason given simply as "f* off" (basically the gist of the explanation). As far as I was aware I was completely within the rules to be in the sector I was in, I did not fire my weapons or do anything that might be considered overtly hostile at all, in fact the player who is part of the faction whos station I was as was the first person to speak out of the two of us.

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  2. Rellith

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    I asked you not to provoke anything while we were assisting another player with his issues, Myself and Heck asked you not to come around while we were there in a rather lose way of saying things. I was not present for heck teleporting you away but upon returning to my PC I could hear what was going on in TS. I Don't think what heck has done to be the wrong way to go about it but I feel maybe more could have been done to prevent issue's like this.

    On another note Cav you have been ask a number of times by myself with people present in TS not to do certain things, You're the type of character to push limits and authority.
  3. 33Cav

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    I provoked no-one, that fact is indisputable.
    Allowing this to go unanswered is opening the door for any admin to tp players a to random sector across the galaxy if someone goes to their base and does absolutely nothing except say hi when the person who owns the base is saying things like "declare war" and "my gun is bigger". I do recognize that I was asked to provoke no-one, and that is exactly what happened so there was no reason for this random tp by an admin. I was even tabbed out of the game for about half the time.
    As for your comment about pushing limits....the only limits I have pushed are those for ship design.

    I am not seeking the admin in question to be severely punished or anything, just acknowledgement that a mistake was made and the creation of firmer guidelines for what is and what isn't acceptable to do as an admin. A document I'm sure you want me to have no hand in writing.

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