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    Fudgey7 Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting.

    In real game he has a Water mill, To make a water mill you need a Industrial Electroliser. He dosnt have 1 + He has been playing less time than me and got Loads more. People are saying he is using a Hacked client, I Think so. In temp World he had a diamond sword and full iron armor? How, xBAmf just lets him spawn kill me over and over. Jawshee or and MOD Can they chech to see if he is using a Hacked client. Thx
  2. dw he will be banned
  3. Wow,
    I don't have a hacked client or anything, this is ammusing xD
  4. ^ You're the only one laughing..
  5. Jawshee, check the ip's of the hacked client to the regular client, if their different, it wasent me, check, please, I wouldn't hack or cheat and you know that so check the logs to see the ip's, it could have been somebody else with a false login, because thats easy to do, as in log in, hit play offline (with a client installed), click on the server signed in as the person you hate, you get bad login but it still registed you logged in with a hacked client, please check the ip's, because that wasent me -.-
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    A new ip can be gotten with a router restart.
    If it wasn't you, your account security is your own responsibility.
    If it was your brother/sister/great aunt, once again still your responsibility.

    So your defense is someone duped your login?

    The amount of resources/machines you have compared to other players is suspect and this has been mentioned before.
    From whats been said you've gone out of your way to kill/trap other players also.
  7. Nobody knows my account, and i've had only had 2 routers since i've been playing here, also, I go out of my way to kill players that ATTACK me, the hole evstr thing, was started by him, I'll I did was kill him we he tried to kill me, I also set traps for him
  8. See TWM1234, I said you couldn't be trusted. those that cheat always get caught eventually.

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