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Discussion in 'Archived' started by Quetzel11, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. 2nd; can someone point where in the rules it says you can give someones res away because they're banned?...
  2. Quetzel pointed it out above, UU matter, Iridium, Diamonds, and you somehow blew up a ton of glass fibre cables, griffin starts replacing signs and editing the house, what did you not steal?
  3. Yoshimega21

    Yoshimega21 Well Hello There

    It's common sense. If someone get's banned and only one person part of the res actually comes on each day, then they should get it until the person is unbanned or the server takes the res.
  4. Yoshimega21

    Yoshimega21 Well Hello There

    we took none of that. i took nothing. griffin didn't explode it. it exploded because of the mass of solar panels you somehow made.
  5. They can take 512 eu/t. Another lie..

    Did you steal copper nuggets from my alveary and give them back?
  6. What if the person was given perms to do a job? such as build, and that was the only other person? would the res be given to them?
  7. mjc4wilton

    mjc4wilton Emperor Of Space

    A). quetzel has pictures in his post of you saying you stole the res and your not giiving it back
    B). you stole our alviary and the setup that made iridium
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  8. mjc4wilton

    mjc4wilton Emperor Of Space

    yosi umm quetzel was unbanned, you acted like the place was yours and denying that we own LRiot, you stole our diamonds, griefed us, asked a mod to ban us, its just unacceptable, you should be tempbanned for a week, have us take over your res for 1/2 a week after your unbanned and see how you like it
  9. Yoshimega21

    Yoshimega21 Well Hello There

    1. Where does it say I stole the res. I'm not even the owner. I was never the owner. Get on with it.
    2. I didn't even know you guys had alvearies. Stop the lies and get on with life. Play or get lost. It's just a game.
  10. Quetzel11

    Quetzel11 Mayor Of Space

    Actually mjc, to be fair, he didn't steal the iridium factory, I just moved it to the new bee room and forgot to tell you. Anywho, because I don't want another misunderstanding, and the matter has been since sorted out, this matter is closed.
  11. lt_kululu

    lt_kululu lieutenant general

    i think he means griffin and Q
  12. Yoshimega21

    Yoshimega21 Well Hello There

    so we good in the hood?
  13. wanna get stuck up yo?
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