whats going to happen to the empyrion server?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Rusty_Hatchet, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Hi all - I was wondering what is going to happen to the server once the newest update is incorporated into the game - I am thinking of joining the beta experimental version but once i do that i wont be able to play on our server - so my question i guess is will the server be wiped and reset once the new update is rolled out as permanent - as the changes are vast.
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  2. Yes - I was wondering the same thing myself.

    But now the Empyrion devs unexpectedly released 9.0.2. 2085 as the latest stable release and since all clients are automatically upgraded to this version, this question is suddenly more urgent.

    Unfortunately my client automatically upgraded to 9.0.2 2085 however the CraftAU server has not been upgraded and remains on Alpha 8.7.1. This means that anyone running the latest stable release will not be able to login to the CraftAU server until it is upgraded.
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  3. Opt1mus

    Opt1mus Empyrion Staff Member Global Mod

    Hi guys, i have updated the empyrion server, i will also discuss with other empyrion staff as to what we are going to do re wiping the server if it is deemed necessary that we have to reset than we will let you all know. Sorry for the delay in updating i have been away for holidays
  4. wolfman2

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    We've updated to 9.0.5 and found the right config files haha (Thankfully Camo leaves all kinds of junk on his desktop)
    Its running the scenario imported from V8 which contains all your ships and buildings. Let me know if you guys think that a fresh universe would be better with A9.
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  5. Hi - i really think a clean new fresh start is needed -- all building or anything on the ground is now under 2 feet of dirt and since all the changes are geared towards early to mid game - it would be better to start again - also every existing building cv sv or hover need to be changed in order to function correctly. speaking for my self i would rather start again than be left with digging everything out of the ground and changing all my bases ships ect.
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  6. Hello - I was wondering if you are not going to reset the server if it was possible to reset me so i can start again (side note - not that it matters but my backpack doesn't work - it wont show anything thats in it) -- if its not possible to reset me so i can start a new game just let me know whenever its convenient
    thanks for your time
  7. Opt1mus

    Opt1mus Empyrion Staff Member Global Mod

    Hi Rusty we can definitely reset your player if you want, it might be a good idea to jump on our discord if you use it as our response time is generally alot better on there. just let me know what you want to do and when you will be available

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