When will the server be resetting the world?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Jwrac, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Jwrac

    Jwrac New Miner

    Just curious as to how long before the world will get reset.
  2. 1000000 yrs
  3. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 Owner Staff Member Admin

    ^^^ seems legit
  4. mak6t4

    mak6t4 Forgotten King

    dont be so vague its more like 1000000 years 2 weeks and 3 days
  5. DamageDoctor

    DamageDoctor Enlightened Staff Member Admin

    I thought it was tomorrow ;)
  6. Savage_Me55iah

    Savage_Me55iah Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist

  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Savage_Me55iah

    Savage_Me55iah Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist

    are we gonna have biomes o plenty on with the reset?
  9. akondar

    akondar Global Moderator Staff Member Global Mod

    Sometime earlier than it is late for Monday, but only as behind as it is early for Saturday, unless its Wednesday then all bets are off.
  10. mak6t4

    mak6t4 Forgotten King

    At this stage yes we will unless we find some strange bug but thats unlikely.

    As for the ETA be at least 2 weeks after the official full Monster pack release... (remember that the one out now is only a beta not the full pack!!)
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  11. so id wager late feburary at this stage as a fair guestimate
  12. mak6t4

    mak6t4 Forgotten King

    I would have hoped it would be earlier but it doesn't seem like its gonna happen :(
  13. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 Owner Staff Member Admin

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  14. Due to the Reset, It has become quite clear that its pointless continuing playing FTB on your server Until the reset occurs. Wouldn't it be best to reset it, Sooner than Later? I have heaps of idea's but i can't even start them before the reset occurs. I'm sure most would agree that performing any upgrades, or improvements to a home or base in with minecraft appears to be rather useless.

    Perhaps a rebset in 2 weeks. Then everyone that wants to start again doesn't have to wait ages, and everyone that doesn't want the reset, won't feel so bad after spending hours and hours and hours getting to a point where a reset is going to make things 10 times worse.

    Then everyone can go play another game or get a life for a couple weeks, rather than loosing a heap of users due to the long drawn out wait time.
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  15. Aka, New users will acquire decent stuff then poof, all gone.
  16. 1. Beta Testing Packs have lots of world resets
    2. Beta Packs have issues
    3. Beta Packs are Unstable
    5. It takes time to setup permissions
    6. It takes time to test our plugins
    7. It takes time to test items
    8. Its a Complete update For every service website and all
    9. We will update when we are READY to update
    10. Once a Stable Non Beta Test Pack is out expect a 2 week delay
    11. Test Potential Builds on Unleashed
    12. Test New Ideas on Unleashed
    13. Test New Building Designs on Unleashed
    14. Stop Complaining
    15. Wait time IS NOT OUR FAULT
    16. FTB Will Release a STABLE VERSION
    17. Stable is Good Unstable is Bad Mmmmk
    18. We will not release unfinished untested unstable versions
    19. Patience
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  17. darkcamo12

    darkcamo12 Owner Staff Member Admin

    What is the point putting out a world that could be broken with the release of the full monster pack and that would mean 2 resets where if we wait it could be 1 instead and even then we have to wait and see if any configs change meaning more tested for res & banned items/restricted item
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  18. Don't get me wrong. if a stable version is not out, Don't update. But from my understanding is that this was a stable version. If not. don't update it.
  19. It says on the launcher [​IMG]
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  20. digdugdash

    digdugdash automotanator

    Instead of begging for time travel, maybe try begging for something that actually is within their control?

    You know, as a totally random example, say there was a mod removed for problems in 1.1.3 that was now two increments better in 1.1.7... ;)

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