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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by pjman, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. pjman

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    Came across about 50 Wyvern eggs spawned on the island this morning in piles. There was a pile of level 170 eggs. with no mod on I made the decision to pick up these (about 15) and have stored them in an unlocked fridge on the roof of my building on herbi island. When I see either Salt or Optimus I will ask what they want to do - I just didn't want them to spoil. In the meantime - help yourself.
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  2. Oh peeeejjj, I might have to visit ya (what's your location?), the 4 fire eggs I grabbed have 2 lv 60 parents, seemed like everything thing on the island did because I am n00b at wyverns so far seemed like all ya get. And the wyvern you generously gave me,.... man, SOO handy to be able to go and pickup a doed and ankly so I can tame them at home and not have deal with kapros in the swamp gauntlet getting them back. I owe ya idk like 1000 oil or something :)
  3. pjman

    pjman New Miner Staff Member ARK Mod

    Optimus came and took care of them. Not sure if he kept the eggs or not - maybe ask when you are in the game again. I will see if I have any spares in the meantime.
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  4. haha no worries man
  5. Opt1mus

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    The wyvern eggs have been disabled until the egg spawn issues have been fixed
  6. It seems this is a common issue? Check the comments on the mod that allows SE creatures.

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