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Discussion in 'Archived' started by John Stanley, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. I would like to report xBamf and Doooom ( I don't know doom's full name sorry ) for using the SwiftWolf Rending Gale at spawn to create Lightning, and as I recall, that is against the rules ( Correct me if I'm wrong please.) I have some screenshots and this is the first time I have tried to upload screenies so don't yell at me if they don't work >.< Also I just noticed I only got xBamf in action, Zisted you were there to as a eh 'witness' I guess? Thanks for taking the time to look at this
    ( Not very good proof sorry but the feathers are what create the lightning.)

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  2. These rings are so much trouble >.<

    Maybe I should just disable them, and allow jet packs?
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  3. No no no no no please don't do that!
    Do the thing you do with the Phil Stone and make it so you can't press whatever the key is to create the lightning?
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  4. Tron

    Tron The Ultimate Grid Warrior

    Generally the ability to create lightning from the ring causes basic protections unusable. I myself was in a residence (the modSquad should know, the airship) and ConsumedCash I believed used lightning (though dont hold me to it. I was afk and heard a noise before i saw him leave). I personally would prefer jetpacks over flying rings but the Null Fall Damage they create are extremely helpful to those with quantum boots as quickly running and jumping in those does no damage, but the animation and effect is still taken (which causes you to stop mid air)
  5. Zisted

    Zisted New Miner

    Yes, I saw this happen!
    I was there trying to defend William with the lightening.
    I was then attacked (1.5 hearts left) from this person. (bamf1221)
    I luckily remembered I had a life stone!
  6. Jmbarber

    Jmbarber Thaumaturge

    Just to let you know, to create lightning does not involve a mouse click by default, it requires the person holding the Swiftwolf ring to press a certain key (i won't say what key for obvious reasons) while they have sufficient EMC in their inventory (using lightning requires EMC).

    With the philosophers stone, the build/use key is blocked all together (just like a lava bucket) and these actions could require two completely different plugins to negate (1 is already installed i'm presuming) also i seem to only be able to 'summon' lighting when it is raining. BTW 'use/build' clicking with the Swiftwolf ring is used to blow friendly/aggressive mobs away ONLY not summon lightning (lightning requires that specific key) which also requires EMC but both actions look the same, a small whirlwind on default minecraft textures (a green feather in John Stanley's texture pack) Also John, was the lightning killing/hurting you (not making the sound of being hurt but actually loosing hearts) if so then yes it is illegal. If not, then no it isn't
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  7. Ill just whip open eclipse and make a plugin myself or edit the EE mod directly to cancel the action
  8. Jmbarber

    Jmbarber Thaumaturge

    I was wrong, apparently the use key can spawn in lightning. But as i said for me, it only ever works when its raining so disabling rain could help? Just a suggestion
  9. xBamf

    xBamf New Miner

    Clearly u need to change xBamf....why is there 2 bamfs.....
  10. you tell me.....
  11. xBamf

    xBamf New Miner

    Im just saying everyone is blaming mr for bamf1221's problems...
  12. oh, I only just noticed they tagged the wrong bamf :/

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